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Standards of Excellence in All That We Do

At Sprint, one of our core corporate values is to demonstrate integrity in all that we do — not only through our words, but also by our actions. Our Board and senior management devote significant time and attention to corporate governance matters. Sprint's commitment to being a recognized leader in corporate governance and ethics is the natural outgrowth of actions taken in recent years to enhance our corporate governance effectiveness. Some examples of these actions include:
  • seating a declassified Board of experienced and diverse directors;
  • separating our CEO and Chairman roles;
  • requiring that our outside directors hold executive sessions without management present no less than two times a year; and
  • permitting our stockholders to act by written consent.
At Sprint, we believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to corporate responsibility. Through our organizational structure, philosophy, and culture, we are committed to creating an environment that enforces the highest standard of corporate governance and ethics. We encourage you to visit the Corporate Governance site often to read about what Sprint is doing to deliver upon our commitment.
Our Board
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   Nikesh Arora
   Robert R. Bennett
   Gordon M. Bethune
   Raul Marcelo Claure
   Ronald D. Fisher
   Julius Genachowski
   Admiral Michael G. Mullen
   Masayoshi Son
   Sara Martinez Tucker

Contacting the Board

Sprint values the views of its stakeholders (current and future shareholders, employees, and others). Accordingly, Sprint's Board has established a system to receive, track and respond to communications from stakeholders addressed to Sprint's Board of Directors or to its outside directors.

Any stakeholder who wishes to communicate with the Board, our Chairman, the committee chairs, or the outside directors may write to: Board Communications Designee, 6200 Sprint Parkway, Mailstop: KSOPHF0302-3B424, Overland Park, KS 66251, or send an e-mail to boardinquiries@sprint.com.

The Board has instructed the Board Communications Designee to examine incoming communications to determine whether the communications are relevant to the Board's roles and responsibilities. The Board has requested the Board Communications Designee to discard the following types of communications: spam, business solicitations or advertisements, resumes, or any threatening or hostile materials. The Board has requested the Board Communications Designee to forward any service inquiries or complaints to the appropriate groups within Sprint for processing and response.

The Board Communications Designee will forward all appropriate communications and report on the communications to the full Board, our Chairman, the committee chairs, or the outside directors as appropriate. The Board Communications Designee will take additional action or respond to letters in accordance with instructions from the relevant Board source.

Executive Sessions

Our Board believes it is important to meet in regularly scheduled meetings of our non-management and independent directors. Mr. Son presides over our non-management executive sessions. Our Board selects a presiding director for any independent director executive sessions.

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