Board of Directors

Standards of Excellence in All That We Do

At Sprint, one of our core corporate values is to demonstrate integrity in all that we do — not only through our words, but also by our actions. Our Board and senior management devote significant time and attention to corporate governance matters. Sprint's commitment to being a recognized leader in corporate governance and ethics is the natural outgrowth of actions taken in recent years to enhance our corporate governance effectiveness. Some examples of these actions include:

  • Seating a declassified Board of experienced and diverse directors;
  • Separating our CEO and Chairman roles;
  • Requiring that our outside directors hold executive sessions without management present no less than two times a year; 
  • Permitting our stockholders to act by written consent.

At Sprint, we believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to corporate responsibility. Through our organizational structure, philosophy, and culture, we are committed to creating an environment that enforces the highest standard of corporate governance and ethics. We encourage you to visit the Corporate Governance site often to read about what Sprint is doing to deliver upon our commitment.

Our Board

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Gordon M. Bethune , ,

Gordon M. Bethune. Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines, Inc., an international commercial airline company. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines from 1994 and as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1996 until December 30, 2004. He is currently a director of Honeywell International Inc. and Prudential Financial, Inc. He previously served on the board of directors of Willis Group Holdings, Ltd.

Raul Marcelo Claure , ,

Marcelo Claure. President and Chief Executive Officer of Sprint. Mr. Claure was named Sprint President and CEO, effective August 11, 2014. Prior to this, he was CEO of Brightstar, a company he founded in 1997 and grew from a small Miami-based distributor into a global business with more than $10 billion in gross revenue for the year ended 2013. Marcelo serves on the board of directors of CTIA-The Wireless Association and is a member of its 2015 Executive Committee. He also is a member of the board of directors of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.

Patrick T. Doyle , ,

Patrick T. Doyle served as the Chief Financial Officer of DIRECTV from 2007 until DIRECTV’s acquisition by AT&T in 2015. He was responsible for all internal and external financial affairs within the finance organization, including accounting, financial planning, treasury, business management, investor relations, audit, and tax. He served as Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, and Treasurer during his tenure at DIRECTV, which began in 2000. Previously, he served at Baker Hughes beginning in 1982 and eventually Hughes Electronics Corporation in various tax and corporate development roles. Prior to that, Mr. Doyle served for four years at the public accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche. Mr. Doyle’s experience as a senior executive at DIRECTV paired with his extensive financial expertise provides our board with valuable insight into the financial and economic issues facing our Company.

Ronald D. Fisher , ,

Ronald D. Fisher. Vice Chairman of the Board. Executive Chairman of SoftBank Group International. Mr. Fisher has over 30 years of experience of working with high growth and turnaround technology companies. Mr. Fisher joined SoftBank in 1995, overseeing its U.S. operations and other activities outside of Asia, and was the founder of SoftBank Capital. He is currently Executive Chairman of SoftBank Group International and serves as a Director of SoftBank Group. Prior to joining SoftBank, Mr. Fisher was the CEO of Phoenix Technologies Ltd., the leading developer and marketer of system software products for personal computers, from 1990 to 1995. Mr. Fisher joined Phoenix from Interactive Systems Corporation, a UNIX software company that was purchased by the Eastman Kodak Company in 1988. At Interactive Systems he served for five years as President, initially as COO and then CEO. Mr. Fisher’s experience prior to Interactive Systems includes senior executive positions at Visicorp, TRW, and ICL (USA). Mr. Fisher earned an MBA from Columbia University, New York, and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He previously served on the board of directors of E*Trade Financial Corp. and GSI Commerce.

Julius Genachowski , ,

Julius Genachowski is a Managing Director at The Carlyle Group, which he joined in 2014. He served as Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission from 2009 to 2013. He held senior executive positions for about eight years at IAC, which owned and operated Internet and media companies including Expedia, Ticketmaster, and USA Network. Also prior to the FCC, he was engaged with several public and private companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications sector as a board member, investor, or advisor. He is a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute, and has taught a joint class at Harvard Business and Law Schools. Earlier in his career, he was a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter, and worked in Congress for the Select Committee on the Iran-Contra Affair and for then-Representative Charles Schumer. He is currently a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Mr. Genachowski currently serves as a director of Mastercard, Inc.

Admiral Michael G. Mullen , ,

Admiral Michael G. Mullen, USN (ret). Adm. Mullen serves as the “Security Director” under the National Security Agreement between Sprint, SoftBank, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense. Admiral Mullen served as the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 2007 until his retirement in September 2011. Previously, Admiral Mullen served as the 28th Chief of Naval Operations (“CNO”) from July 2005 to 2007. CNO was one of four different four-star assignments Admiral Mullen held, including Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Commander, Allied Joint Force Command, and the 32nd Vice Chief of Naval Operations. Since 2012, he has served as President of MGM Consulting LLC and is the Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Adm. Mullen currently serves as a director of General Motors Company.

Masayoshi Son , ,

Masayoshi Son. Chairman of the Board. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of SoftBank Group Corp. Mr. Son founded SoftBank Group Corp. in September 1981 and has been its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since February 1986. Mr. Son serves in various capacities within SoftBank’s portfolio of companies, including Chairman of SoftBank Corp. (the Japan-based telecommunications operator). In addition, Mr. Son sits on the board of directors of Yahoo Japan Corporation and served as its Chairman from 1996 until 2015, which was established as a joint venture between SoftBank and Yahoo! Inc. Mr. Son has also served as Chairman of the Broadband Association in Japan and of The Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiative Foundation. Mr. Son received a B.A. in Economics from the University of California Berkeley. Mr. Son also currently serves as a Director of Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

Sara Martinez Tucker , ,

Sara Martinez Tucker. Former President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Math and Science Initiative. Ms. Tucker served as the Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education from 2006 to December 2008. Her responsibilities included overseeing policies, programs and activities related to postsecondary education, vocational and adult education, and federal student aid. Ms. Tucker served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund from 1997 to October 1, 2006. Previously, she worked for 16 years at AT&T and served as Regional Vice President of its Global Business Communications Systems. She has been a Trustee of University of Notre Dame since June 2009, and a member of the University of Texas System Board of Regents since May 2015. Ms. Tucker currently serves as a director of American Electric Power Co. and Xerox Corp.

Contacting the Board

Sprint values the views of its stakeholders (current and future shareholders, employees, and others). Accordingly, Sprint's Board has established a system to receive, track and respond to communications from stakeholders addressed to Sprint's Board of Directors or to its outside directors.

Any stakeholder who wishes to communicate with the Board, our Chairman, the committee chairs, or the outside directors may write to: Board Communications Designee, 6200 Sprint Parkway, Mailstop: KSOPHF0302-3B679, Overland Park, KS 66251, or send an e-mail to

The Board has instructed the Board Communications Designee to examine incoming communications to determine whether the communications are relevant to the Board's roles and responsibilities. The Board has requested the Board Communications Designee to discard the following types of communications: spam, business solicitations or advertisements, resumes, or any threatening or hostile materials. The Board has requested the Board Communications Designee to forward any service inquiries or complaints to the appropriate groups within Sprint for processing and response.

The Board Communications Designee will forward all appropriate communications and report on the communications to the full Board, our Chairman, the committee chairs, or the outside directors as appropriate. The Board Communications Designee will take additional action or respond to letters in accordance with instructions from the relevant Board source.

Executive Sessions

Our Board believes it is important to meet in regularly scheduled meetings of our non-management and independent directors. Mr. Son presides over our non-management executive sessions. Our Board selects a presiding director for any independent director executive sessions.

Board Committees

Committee Membership

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information.

Committee Member Committee Chair Independent Director Security Director
Director Audit Committee Compensation Committee Finance Committee Nominating and Governance
Masayoshi Son

Ronald D. Fisher

Gordon M. Bethune

Patrick T. Doyle

Julius Genachowski

Admiral Michael G. Mullen

Sara Martinez Tucker

Audit Committee
Patrick T. Doyle
Julius Genachowski
Sara Martinez Tucker
Compensation Committee
Gordon M. Bethune
Admiral Michael G. Mullen
Finance Committee
Masayoshi Son
Ronald D. Fisher
Patrick T. Doyle
Nominating and Governance
Gordon M. Bethune
Sara Martinez Tucker

Charter Documents

Date Download
May 17, 2016 Compensation Committee Charter 97 KB
Nov 05, 2014 Audit Committee Charter 31 KB
Jul 10, 2013 Finance Committee Charter 34 KB

Contacting the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has established procedures for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints received by us regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, including the confidential, anonymous submission by our employees of any concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters to the Ethics Helpline at 1-800-788-7844, by mail to the Audit Committee, c/o Sprint Corporation, 6200 Sprint Parkway, Mailstop: KSOPHF0302-3B679, Overland Park, KS 66251, or by e-mail to

The Audit Committee has designated the Ethics and Compliance Program to receive these matters and treat them as required under the procedures that the Audit Committee adopted under Section 301 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Rule 10A-3 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.